Creating new data fields and saving the data?


So i made a bunch of custom fields for my sales order which is cool, really like the ability to do that!
Now i wonder, is it possible to save/memorize stuff put into custom fields, so that it becomes suggested in the future ?

Is it also possible to automatically have these fields filled out in the sales invoice and delivery note docs ? How exactly do i make the link ?

Could you elaborate?

If the document you’re trying to link has link fields of the document with the custom fields, you can fetch those fields by specifying in options of the field you want to update.
For example, I want to fill the Offline POS Name of the Sales Invoice to whatever is the customer name (your custom field) of the doc in the customer (doc with custom field) link field:

Thanks for your reply!

I’m going to look into this linking thing, not too sure i understand but will play around with it and let you know if i fail :slight_smile:

As for the first part, lets say i make a data field
and then one day i use this data field and type in “ERP”
Then next time i try to use that same data field i want it to suggest “ERP”

Abit like a list field, but with dynamic updating of the list ?

So yes auto-suggestion based on history isn’t possible out of the box. We do store version history of all documents, so old values are available on the server side. It would have to be a new feature, though.