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Create a module for ERPNext and sell it

Hi All Folks :slight_smile:
I have a company who want to implement a CRM-ERP solution. I took a look into oodoo, dolibarr and many others. ERPNEXT is the closest one to what we aim.
My question is: If i create a new module(s) and GUI(s) for missing functionnalities in ERPNET needed by the company, can i sell it to them ? do i have the obligation to publish the source code in the ERPNEXT github?

No you don’t.
But You have the obligation to attach the licence see here

That being said, if you think your code could be useful to others why not share it on github? Ife you have benefit (financially or not) from the various Frappe apps, why not let your code open for others to enjoy?

im totally ok with the OpenSource precepts. i have asked as the module and the changes will be useful only for the company im willing to intall ERPNEXT in it. its specially designed for their way of working.
Beside i got the idea when i checked Dolibarr: For dolibarr, you can create modules and put them in the DoliStore ( their dedicated store) the Dolibarr foundation get 20% for each transaction to fund itself :slight_smile:

I come from Dolibarr world. Initially, the Dolibarr french foundation provide the Dolistore website to help developers to get some money for their works. The goal is also to push to the ecosystem on a good pulse.
The back side is, peoples do only modules on Dolistore and aren’t really heavy contributors to core Dolibarr. Some features deserve to be into the core, since long times but they are still externals modules. Freelances, or company, based their business models on selling modules more than selling services.
The result is Dolibarr with modules from Dolistore can be powerfull (less than ERPNExt), but take care with upgrades, support, and so one.
True, the french Dolibarr foundation get money from each selling on Dolistore, it allow to provide web sites like wiki, store, courses, make promotional videos, dev’camps. Exactly what ERPnext foundation is able to do without a store.
To my mind, the real opensource way is to contribute to the Core application. Only real specifics customers needs should be into externals module/apps, (document models, workflow) nothing more, and Frappe/ERPNext provide all build’in customization feature for it.
With ERPNext and Frappe is all included !
Why ERPNext is so robust ? it’s because all come from framework Frappe.
Actually, if ERPnext foundation can provide a web site to reference all externals, sides projects modules/apps, it should be nice (I’ve heard about, but no more available), but a market place : no, please no. It will kill the bright opensource initiative around this project.
Above that, all MIT and GPLv3 code source can be monetize, you just have to respect licenses rights and obligations.
My two cent’s


No ERPNext does not support a ecosystem where partners can add to functionality and monetize those features. In fact the Frappe Team has specifically tried to veer away from this model. Odoo uses this model and in fact a lot of people migrated to ERPNext when Odoo moved to the freemium model (base functionality for free and then you have to pay for everything else).

Having said that, many of us (including myself) develop apps on ERPNext and have our own repositories. My (meaning my organisation’s) apps are open source and are available on GitHub and people can download for free and try to use it.

For me there is no charging for my app (unless it is to develop for a specific client). My revenues are services revenues in implementing ERPNext and the apps that have already been developed.

In a true open source world those are the only revenues that are possible, ethical and legal: Developing functionalities for specific clients and services/implementation revenues.

Hope this helps.



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Now the world doesn’t sell product. It sell service.
For example: all my apps are in github, and they are free also for competitors. But the Implementation is a paid service.
The codes, any one can write them. But the Implementation need to experience.