Contact received emails


I’ve configured the email reception, and it’s working fine.
But on Contacts there isn’t listed any received email from that contact (there is emails on inbox).
Isn’t supposed to list the emails (sent and received) on contact?

I am not sure if populating the timeline of each Contact is a good idea.


Thanks. I see that this is how frappe works.

But isn’t the timeline used to see those interactions ?

To me make complete sense go to a contact and see the actions and communications with my company.

I think that @almeidapaulopt is on to something there. Many CRM have this functionality so you can see all of the interactions with the customer.

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When I’m on a meeting with a anyone, is important to be correctly informed and updated, so I try to have all latest information before that meeting. Right now I have to search a lot and ,worst trust in my memory :smiley: .

I think the contact is the place to get that information. It could be a simple point of information/updates.


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