Conflict between "Link to Material Requests" and Purchase Order "Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction"

Hi all,

I have current use case as following:

  1. User create Material Request as following:

MR1: Item A => 3 Qty
MR2: Item A => 4 Qty
MR3: Item A => 5 Qty

  1. User create PO for buying Item A, they make a PO and input Item A with Quantity 12, then click on Link to Material Request, then the system split Item A into 3 line

  2. When save the document, the system notify that cannot allow same item to be repeated over lines

So it’s conflict between Allow Items to be added multiple times and this features. When I turn on “Allow item to be added multiple times”, the line will be repeat several times, and in print version, it’s repeat 3 times.

However, in business, it’s quite strange to send PO with 1 item to be repeat several times. I would like to know if any one experience in solving this use case.