Configure ERPNext on my own Server and domain and able to access it through the internet


I’m kindda new to ERPNext and i want to build a Linux Server(Ubuntu 14.04) to host it and use my own domain, is that possible? I already followed some of the steps on how to install it and successfully done it and access it via LAN, Can someone send me a configuration link that can enable me to do this, i do also have a basic knowledge in linux.

Thank You

Hi, @vhinz, welcome to the forum. Have you read all the bench guides?

Hi @strixaluco thank you for you’re reply, I have read some of the guides but it doesn’t make any sense to me, sorry for that, all i did was to install the erpnext to my server. May i know what i need to do to be able to view it online using my domain.

Thank You

This guide should help:

I’ll try this one, thank you @strixaluco

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