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Conference Summary: ERPNext for Everything

Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement. Lets get this going! Look forward to all the contributions and getting ready for more reviewing :slight_smile:

@Eric_Delisle Thanks for sharing the pics :slight_smile: @neilLasrado that was really dangerous!! I hope you never try that again!

@raveslave you are right about quality and bloat. Our goal will be to tighten up the UX. Again will be happy if there are more users willing to help us with that

Regarding Hangout

Lets start at 1PM UTC and finish at 2PM ?

Which day of the week seems good? Say Wednesday? any preferences?


that means 5am for @Ben_Cornwell_Mott. Can we say 2 - 3 pm UTC instead?

+1 Wednesday

Thanks for the consideration. I will make whatever is decided work.

2-3 pm utc sounds good …no probs for the week day. Where? :grin:

Congratulations everybody. Didn’t have a chance to watch conference online, but hope some videos will be available later.

How about IRC?

@rmehta I’d be happy to provide comments along the way. I think you’re doing a great job already. But with more features and bigger community, the mission to keep it uniform and coherent is super-important and to me, what I think is one of the killer features of ERPNext to date.

I followed a bit how they did this in Gitlab, they usually posted mockups in the issue-tracker first to be discussed a few times before actually implemented. Roadmap for UX-features, start on a design-guideline would be a good start perhaps.

Talking about gitlab’s CI & Pipelines feature is a pretty nice reference for let’s say integrations & periodic-jobs. i.e. a clean standardized way to visualise incoming api-requests, inbound/outbound mail fails, sync-jobs for satellite installs :slight_smile: for externally hosted supplier portals and such.

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I missed the webcast. Are there any videos of the same?

Here is the playlist:


+1 Wednesday

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FWIW - We would prefer 3 PM UTC.

great job Frappe team and everyone involved in the process. Very impressive with the amount of activities going on here.

Also agree with all the decisions you have made about the roadmap.
We are small manufacturer with rather special needs from what I have gathered reading the forum. We are towards the end of the trial phase and soon will be shifting to using ERPNext as our main manufacturing tool. Hope to be able to contribute in future.


Thanks to everybody shared in this great application, thanks to everybody shared in making the conference that success, it was amazing for me participating in this conference.
We will make all our efforts to keep in line with your targets.

Best wishes to all Frappe team.


These are some great decisions made. Congratulations!!!

Amazing. Just amazing.