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[Conference 2018] Propose A Talk!


Hello all,

Keeping this thread open for the 2018 conference agenda. If you want to talk at the conference please post your proposal below. Please introduce yourself and add a paragraph about what you want to talk about.

Also feel free to add :heart:️s to proposals!


Proposal: Open Hardware and ERPNext

I would like to give a presentation on the ideation, development, hardware prototyping (pcb, pcb assembly, 3d printing) of Ntimer (Hardware Employee Time Tracking with RFID Chips).

The project will be, as far as I know, the first hardware implementation for ERPNext and is one of many open hardware project ideas we want to build to integrate humans and machines into ERPNext.

If this is interesting give me a :heart:


Proposal: ERP Implementation : Our Experience

I’d like to propose a talk on our experience implementing ERPNext across our organisation with 4 manufacturing locations, Head Office and two entities (companies) with 60 executive staff and almost 3000 staff working in the farms daily. We are migrating from a custom FoxPro implementation to ERPNext. We have a Dev team of two and one PM.

Challenges have been technical and organisational. It’s year three of our implementation and I think we will finally reach 100% by end of this financial year. Significant amount of coding has been done to get our custom functionality migrated.

I would like to only do this talk if it is beneficial to the community and would request people to send me specific questions regarding this so I can understand what the community expects from such a talk.

My talking points would be

  1. Why switch?
  2. Our mistakes.
  3. What we would have done differently.
  4. What professional services/ecosystem would help in execution and implementation?




Should be fine since you are an end user. This is really not the practice we want to promote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am willing to bet 80% of this is generic and can be useful to other users. And that you will face non-trivial effort in keeping your customisations running for more than 2 years.


Happy to share what we have built! All our customizations are for operational tea farm management. so not sure how applicable it would be to other users–it’s mostly CRUD data and reports. I would say about 90% of our time is spent in training users to use the system, customizing reports to match what our management needs and wrapping our heads around the accounting module to make it work the way we need it for both audit and tax reasons. It’s been a nightmare running our legacy and ERPNext system in parallel and we foresee it happening for at least one more financial year until our CA “feels” reassured with the accounting reporting.

I will say this that we require far better developer training resources if your vision of contribute first is to reach critical mass. And by this I would mean something along the lines of byte size screencasts wherein you guys or other ERPNext experts can cover specific dev topics to assist developers similar to a site like