Comparison of Vendor offers

Is there a facility in ERPNext for sending out RFQs, receiving results (this part does not have to be automatic) AND comparing the offers in terms of costs, delivery dates, payment terms etc. This is one of the major activities in an engineer-to-order company (just like any other company I suppose) and most ISO 9001 owner companies have procedures in place to have at least 3 offers per RFQ. Then they have to be authorized by finance (and maybe management) etc. Does any of this exist?

If you make supplier quotations, you can make a custom report with the report builder, and view it there. Not sure if that is what you are looking for though.

Also, I know of no way to send out an RFQ, only to log quotations manually.

Thank you for your reply. So I am able to only “view” a comparison (if I build a custom report) but cannot select one and apply it? Our process (again like most RFQ based businesses would) actually allows for picking certain line items from one Quote and some from others, or accept some and refuse others etc.