Communication Delivery Status = Bulk Email status

Hi everyone,

Previously, only users using mandrill integration used to get feedback about whether the email was sent or not. With the next release, you will be able see email sending status based on the Bulk Email’s status. If email is sent by the Bulk Email system, its work is done and it is assumed that the email delivery server will do its best to delivery the email.

If you are using mandrill/sendgrid integration apps, you will get better info like whether the email was delivered, bounced, etc. But for most users, a Sent status is good enough.

This will give you a better idea:



Anand Doshi.


hi @anand

Great feature, not sure if related to my issue but after updating, i cannot send or receive any email notifications or alerts, or scheduled system alerts… Nothing works with regards to emails after the update.

Before i updated, all was working fine without any issues.

Can you please let me know if anything has changed or what could be causing this?


@ermalc looks like you are on develop branch. We are pushing a lot of changes on the develop branch related to version 7 and it might’ve broken your UI. Try going to User menu on the navbar and click on ‘Reload’.

hi @anand

i have tried reloading, restarting, clearing browser cache, and from different browsers, still nothing

From command line, go to frappe-bench folder and check the output of bench doctor

It’s good if you add same feature for sms , when some one send sms in erpnext he don’t know it’s sent or not and can’t check at all

@neginy agreed. SMS doesn’t get any love. Ideally, a sent SMS should be saved as a Communication, and it should have its own queue like the Bulk Email.

yes , there is too much thing should be develop for sms to get love :slight_smile: . for example if you want to send sms to one contact of customer , you should be first open customer , then open contact of that customer , then copy number of customer and go to sms centre and send sms form there ,
or if you want to sms to all contact from sms centre , there is no option to write name of each contact you have to send same text to all or there is no signature for sms , and so so so :slight_smile: