Clock-in & Clock-out + automatic payroll


I’m new to ERPNext, and is exploring if it can do what we need.

We are in a business of hiring part-time workers to work in our warehouses.

We need to post vacancies on website (hopefully managed by ERPNext), let anyone apply for these posts, manage contracts, add applicants to staff list, specify their hourly/monthly wage, allow them to clock-in / clock-out, and have ERPNext compute how much we pay each staff.

Is this possible with stock ERPNext? Or I need to buy/download modules?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @charleslcso. Welcome to the ERPNext Community.

Yes it is possible for stock ERPNext to handle all these and no, there are no modules for sale. ERPNext is fully customisable and if you desire features that are not presently available, you can get developers to develop the custom features for you if you can’t do it yourself. If you have questions on how to set up your instance, you can search this forum as there are answers already available for many of the questions you might have regarding, deployment, set up, configuration and customisation in the forum. If you can’t find specific answers to your question, you can open a new thread, just like this one and someone in the community might provide the answer you seek.

All modules in stock ERPNext is freely available although some members of the community developed custom apps to suit their specific needs, most of which are available for free to anyone to who wishes to use those features.

Welcome once again.