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Client banned based on IP?



I was thinking how does the Fail2ban check the ip coming from the POS is from the same DDNS added to the ignore list??

I was searching through the fail2ban service page, but I couldnt find the answer to this. By Default it has a checik on domain name check ?


I’m not sure. But basically you are Chet only the hostname of course. The ddns does all the wot keeping track of the IP changes against the fixed hostname.



Yes Dear I am aware of that, As we have many DDNS for our clients But I was concerned about the fail2ban side as how it will verify the hostname it the ip address.

Anyways I have created a new DDNS Hostname and updated the IP with a update client now added this hostname to the fail2ban ignore list.

Lets see how accurate it can work.


Hi @fkardame, did the DDNS solve you blocking issue?


Yes, it works fine. I created DDNS for client outlets and added them to ignorelist in Fail2ban and since then it doesnt block those DDNS IP’s