Classes, Objects, etc

Hello, I am a new user of ERPnext and would like to customize many of the forms and documents. I am new to using Javascript but am not new to programming and it would be very helpful if there was a resource with all of the Javascript classes, objects, triggers etc. that is incorporated in the framework. I cannot seem to find anything that lists the different kinds and have only been able to find a few going through some examples. Is there any better documentation on this?

@Cesar welcome to the community.

Best to go through the tutorial and then look for use case implementations in the erpnext repo.

I have managed to get by basically by guessing and checking my code. I have not been able to find any good documentation on the javascript library available for for this framework. Is it just very well hidden or is there no documentation on this? A reference of some sorts would be nice like the references available for every other programming language and their libraries, or even a bit of disorderly reference like that on the Jinja templating engine would be helpful. Any references you could provide would be greatly appreciated as writing scripts is taking an awfully long time as I am unsure what works and what doesn’t.

There is no formal JS API. If you start building one, I can contribute.