Changing company on a record, does not change linked records

I think this is probably not new to v8 and I recall dealing with it in v7 too.

Let’s assume that I am talking about a purchase invoice for sake of argument, however I think this behavior happens on pretty much any document type.


I start up a new purchase invoice. The company field is populated by the default company that is defined in setup. I add a collection of items to the PINV and the expense head and cost center are populated with the company/item specific defaults as expected. I then add sales tax to the taxes table. Same thing happens account head and cost center are populated. This is all just fine.

Now… I notice that I should have populated all the fields/forms with a different company. So I change the value on the main PINV record. However, none of the sub-entries (e.g. items and tax) are updated. I have to manually go in and fix them. if I save I am not warned until I attempt to submit.

So it goes without saying that is a pain in the neck. Does anyone else experience this behavior? Before I submit a git issue, I wanted to generate some discussion on it.

From my perspective I would expect the system to walk me through the needed changes. In some cases the account head is the exact same in the chart of accounts for the new company. The software could just update it automatically in that case (maybe ask me if this scenario is discovered). This is also true for the cost center. Or, if we didn’t want to automate it or can’t, then at least present me a concise dialog that shows me the fields I need to change all at once and I can do it when I change the company.


Hello James,

Thanks for elaborating your use-case. Please create Github Issue for it.

On changing a Company, we could update default values available in the Company master. For other values, like Warehouse and tax accounts, we could show notification, so that User can correct it manually.

Instead of a message would it be possible to create a dialog box that would allow me to change all the things that “need help” in one place?