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Change UOM in the print format from Stock UOM to Selling UOM


I tried changing UOM from stock to selling UOM, but it is not reflected here in the print format.

Default sales UOM

And, here’s the settings for print format builder

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If you customize the SO print format, do you have these columns?

Yes - but don’t think one can change Quantity UOM from the UI, I think custom html is required.

I have a similar problem in Quotation with stock UOM
ERPNext: v11.1.65
Frappe Framework: v11.1.59

Tried customizing Sales Order Item form and adding Sales UOM as link to sales_uom.
Then in a custom print format that uses it. Haven’t tested it, however though it could be something to try. I need an example of a use case.

Keep in mind when setting up the Item, there are Default UOM and also a Default Sales UOM in Sales Details, as well as the Units of measure section itself. Not sure where Stock UOM is set.

Stock UOM is the Default UOM.