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Change the E logo


Thanks for the feedback.

Is it open project or not ?

Yes it is.

Is its open I must the licence with me nothing more.

I didn’t understand this, please explain.

NO… Bug free promotes the ERP not the logo.

Absolutely, and to make it bug free we need active contributions and efforts from every one. I think we are moving in that direction.


Maybe something like this?


put this code in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/conf.js
and replace this line ($(’.navbar-home’).html(’<img class=“erpnext-icon” src="’…)
var Company_logo =’/assets/erpnext/images/erp-icon.svg’{
method: "path to white list function get company logo url ",
args: { “current_user”: frappe.session.user },
callback: function ® {
if (r.message) {



ERPNext Logo Can change direct in the source file, and good if we also help to promote the ERPNext. Me also Use the ERPNext Logo some time for promoting.


I think we should ERPNext branding logo should be there. We should give credit to them and the community for this awesome software. At the same time there should be an ability for the companies to put there branding on ERP, along with ERPNext logo, which on clicking maybe can goto their website. Google app suits is an example of this.



why not a *powered by ERPnext in lower corner so we can have our company logo up top. These things help your market penetration, while still allowing your brand to be seen. No company logo is enough for some to pass. Executives want to see their own logo, they dont care what you are, only the techs do.

Dont require CEO to adhere to developer standards - they dont care. They just think its buggy shareware when you have those requirements

And you asking them to throw their whole company in your pot and take a chance. Good luck, it will just be small fry that way, never big company


I am always amused at the clarity of people who want this project to fail. Thank you for the motivation :wink:


Not at all - thats not my point, only that it is a mistake to not leave the marquee position open for the companies that implement it at their own cost. If we pay for the support, customization and implementation, why shouldnt we be able to have our own logo in the marquee position? ERPnext would still be branded, just not sitting at the top as if it were the company itself. I appreciate the open source community, but also recognize many are just slow-morphing into shareware as well, after I go through the expense of implementing it thinking it would be free.
I built this system out on our network, and it took a lot of time and effort, and the hours cost in labor of IT tech is as much as paying a license to another company, or close to it. Hence we should get to brand it as our company, but is *powered by ERPnext Technology or something similar, would accomplish what ERPnext wants as well as allow more companies to implement, resulting in deeper penetration for ERPnext …

My point is until you do this it will likely not be fully embraced as some companies will have a big problem with not being able to brand it with their own logo up top. The ‘big cost’ savings you use as the main benefit point is actually quite eaten up by the time it is built and implemented, and kept updated. The $$ still gets spent, it just goes to IT staff instead of X erp solution company.

So as an IT guy, I completely love it, but am always worrying something will happen and it will be left alone, or not updated, or otherwise go to the wayside. It isnt all a one-way street. We take a big risk using this platform actually. It isnt all that ERPnext is out here just to provide a great service, and there is no cost-benefit analysis happening. Allowing companies who take this risk on your product to brand with their own logo just evens it out a bit more, and throws more ability in the pot, which in the end allows ERPnext to be more trusted as a long-term solution. COmpanies spend big $$ on their marketing and branding, so it is short-sighted to disallow the marquee position to companies taking a chance on your product.

The truth is, allowing custom branding as a policy makes me feel a bit more comfortable that ERPnext might stay around longer. So there is that, and you are welcome for my viewpoint, received without the cost of you doing market research to find out what we already know. Companies need to have their logo in the marquee position, and it does not interfere with ERPnext branding to do so, actually. To not do this makes me worry a bit it wont be open source long, or will just peter off into the sunset like so many other open source projects do

Your mistake is thinking I want it to fail, when actually I want to make sure it succeeds so I get my $ from building and servicing it. It is a harder sell when I cant even upload the company logo where employees can see it when they log in

Thanks for your hard work - I actually love what I see so far


Late to this conversation but the software you use is for internal purposes. Internally it doesn’t matter what branding it has. As long as the data you share externally can be rebranded as per your company’s brand then it’s fine.
I don’t see any provider, SAP, Dynamics, or small accounting software like XERO allow you to brand the product as yourself.

Nothing personal but anyone that requests this rebranding question sound fishy to me as they would sell the product to an unsuspected customer as their own and not be honest about it.


The project is Open Source and rightly, you can change modify any part you don’t appreciate. I think someone here has shared how you can achieve that.

That’s the beauty of this project.