Change item serial number on paid invoice

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is there a way to change item serial number on a paid invoice?

The scenario is used when a customer purchases multiple items, one of them malfunction, we do replace same product with different serial number.

Appreciate help from experts, thank you.

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You have to make return invoice for that item first. The new item needs to be made in a new invoice. You can adjust the payment with the credit note

Yes, this keeps happening with all serialized items. I am not too sure Shakeel’s approach is appropriate, as making a Sales Return for every support issue (I guess it’s a support issue after all) could have tax and other accounting implications.

I guess it all depends on the following:

What happens to the defective item? Does the organization get it back? Or is it scrapped in the field?

If the organization gets it back, is there any repairs possible? If yes, can the repaired item restocked as a sales item? Or to swap with a defective item.

I think your best bet would be to do Stock Entry purpose Material Receipt (to take back into your books the defective item), Stock Entry purpose Material Issue, to get the Serial Number you gave to the client and link both of these to the Support Ticket or Issue # so that you can keep track.

Hope this helps.