"Cannot touch" error with docker run

When running
docker run frappe/erpnext-nginx:v13.0.0-beta.9

I get following error:
touch: cannot touch ‘/var/www/html/sites/.build’: No such file or directory

I tried with sudo as well, same problem.
Any ideas how to fix it?

(System: Ubuntu 20.04)

Did you find any solution for this problem ?

I cloned the frappe_docker repo at github.com/frappe/frappe_docker and build my image with docker-compose.

Becaude this was for development I use VS Code which has some nice features to start and edit inside the conatiner, also remotly.

the volume mounted at /var/www/html/sites needs to have permission for non root user to access and create files.

you can run chown -R frappe:frappe /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites from any of the python container.

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