Cannot Key In Contact and Address at New Customer Form - Edit Full Page

When we need to create New Customer, there’re the field for Key in the Contact and Address,

but if we click on “Edit Full Page”, it bring to the full form, which can key in all details, except for Contact and Address. Wondering this is a bugs or there’s any setting missing ?

Works fine on latest version. I hope you are on the latest version.

You may have to refresh your form or have some extra fields or changes blocking the contacts editor from appearing

The new customer contact and address can only be view when adding in quick form and not on the edit full page, only after saving the new customer, then only we can view the the contact and address in the customer list.

Latest version as in which ERPNextv11?

Check it has the version numbers mentioned. This is the version I tested on.

Sir, maybe they is a little misunderstanding, my problem is that, when adding a new customer, i am able to see the customer fields including the contact and address fields only when I am on the quick form, but when i want edit by press on “edit full page” i am no longer seeing the contact and address fields. I can only edit customer contact and address when I saved it, but not when adding in the full page.

I had the same problem. Now I cannot save new addresses at all.

We are using v10 and had to implement a 2-step process to create new customers.

We use the quick form to create the customer name and a few other pieces of information, then save it.

Then we select the new customer from the customer list and can successfully add the address and contact information.

A little bit of inconvenience but just another documented procedure the users have to follow to keep from breaking the system.