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Cannot Delete Asset because Purchase Invoice is Linked to it


I am using ERPNext for my startup and it is doing great! Before 1 Month I have upgrade my ERPNext to v10.1.28 from the previous version.

After that i cannot able to cancel the wrongly made Asset Entries which i have made before the Upgrade. If i am trying to cancel Asset it is asking to purchase invoice and If i am trying to cancel the Purchase Invoice, it is asking to cancel the Asset.

Both the entries are linked to each other and doesn’t allow me to cancel each other. I appreciate your help to get rid of this issue.


@rohit_w @shreya115 this is a general use-case,… users often get into the loop by creating custom link fields, linked with one-to-one transaction.


Any update on this? I am facing the same issue.


any solution yet? I’m facing the same issue


The same problem here. Any fix for the bug?


i faced same problem, kindly share any update regarding this issue.


@umair So the problem is how to delete a cycle or circular reference ? Has Frappe reviewed what to do in this case or is there say a github issue or feature request note for this, for folks to upvote or implement a tool here?