Can we mannually create table in database, earlier not present?

I’m trying to play with features, earlier I think I have done with that. But, felt to improve the existing features. So, wrote a patch. In that patch, I added a table which was earlier not present and copying some data to that table.

However, I’m currently using those changes in production, but after implementing the patch, bench migrate or bench update --patch throwing an error.

pymysql.err.ProgrammingError: (1146, u"Table '67cec915577134c5.tabNew Patch' doesn't exist")

While, on a clean instance, everything working seamlessly. So, question is can I manually create a table there, so it can solve existing issue? If there are some other way to do so, please be a mentor. Thanks

Sorry. It’s developer related question, still I put here. I raised the same question to !!

Please help there(if you present on Frappe Discussion). I know, it’s difficult to maintain discussion form to the specific point. Eventhough, Developer Forum has inaugurated already, and I missed that while posting this question. Forgive me.