Can we install any app on erpnext cloud?

can we install any app on erpnext cloud? also selfmade apps, or apps from github?


You can navigate to /desk#applications and install a subset of applications listed here:
But I’m not aware of any method of installation arbitrary app without root access to the instance.

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We do allow that for plans more than $1500.

Why do that. This lack of flexibility certainly generates a potential barrier for new customers. For example, I wanted to install a dashboard tool.

How could functionality to install addons could be added to the cloud?

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You are free to install on your own machine. On the cloud, it is additional overhead for us to verify the apps for security, performance and also make sure they don’t break in upgrades. So it could be a lot of additional work.

That is why we always recommend devs to push in the core rather than make an app.

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