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Can Salary Slip show year or month to date Salary?


Hello Every One,
Am setting up ERPNext Payroll in Jamaica for a client and the only drawback is having is am not able to show Year to date or month to day calculation on Salary Slip. This is a requirement for payroll in Jamaica. Each employee must have a running balance on there Salary Slip.


You want date, month and year on which the salary sleep is generated ?

May be you can think about custom print format… If this is some different logic, kindly elaborate or give an example…


In the example, the net pay of 22,402.83 would be calculated per pay cycle, however, we would like to see the year to date (YTD) / month to date (MTD) pay for the employee. Example, if the employee work 6 months out the year, the YTD pay would be 6 * 22,402.83 = 134416.98 employee collected YTD. In Jamaica this is displayed above the Net Pay amount.


Any feedback on this topic.


i think you have to add all this as custom field in salary slip and make custom python function to calculate that field using employee number and fiscal year.


Is this something you can do? And how much you will charge?


Kindly post job requirements on:


go to costume print format …

reach me (