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Can not access self hosted server from Erpnext mobile application


Make sure the protocol is in the URL (http;// or https://). Works on self-hosted installs.


So nobody has an answer for the 500 internal server error in short , unistall the app I guess


To help define the problem would require say ssh access to the server instance, to inspect the logs there.


Hi there.
I can confirm this finally works with https: protocol only ; i.e. ; no need to open port 80 to make it work.

The only condition n ios App the keyboard layout is restricted and doesn’t give the ability to type ‘:’ and ‘/’. The workaround is to type the https URL in the search bar or the notes editor in iOS, and to copy/paste this in the domain field in ERPnext app.
The utility of the app is to have a separate app, which make switching easier (I personnaly hate tab switching and switching on iOS).

Thanks to all.