Can an item have zero MRP? POS(online)

Hi folks,
Version: ERPNext v11
Module: ERPNext POS

Q>Can an Item have MRP=0.
Is it valid and legal? (From generating invoice point of view)

Please elaborate on this topic.
Thank You.

In Some Cases , customer gives order first & payment will be done afterwords to manufacturer therefore Item rate/mrp can be zero.

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Yes, we can make POS entry with ZERO MRP for sure…!!!
It is valid and it’s legal too if your customer agrees with zero invoices :sweat_smile:

May I know why you want the item with zero MRP invoice…?

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Just thinking to put a validation to dis-allow users from creating invoices with zero price.
Real world scenarios should not make one to generate invoice with zero as mrp…

Already, made some customizations in user role and permission to block user from editing rate and mrp. Now, limiting the admin users to not make one to generate invoice with zero as mrp.

Yeah that good, But anyhow admin credentials is given to such user who can take responsibility to handle such things. So that’s fine if the administrator has rights to make Zero MRP (Definitely he won’t do that )

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