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Calculation Leave Without Pay in Salary Slip


Hello everyone

How to Calculation Leave Without Pay in Salary Slip
for example:
payment days = 26
working days 28
leave without pay = 2
But when i create salary slip not found amout for leave without pay.


can anyone reply i m facing the same issue
i have applied LWP for a particular employee but when creating salary full month salary is being created is there any issue in creating salary structure for that employee, I have missed some thing to add



There are 2 aspects that you need to keep in mind for LWF, 1 is the attendance and 2 is leave application.

  1. Check whether you have updated the attendance of that employee. If he has been marked absent (let say for 2 days) then payment days considering June month would be 28 days (30 - 2). If you have checked “Depends on payment days”, then it will calculate salary as per payment days i.e. 28 days.

  2. In case of leave application, if a specific leave type is checked “Leave without pay” then an employee applying for that leave will not be paid and while generating salary slip those days (for which the leaves have been applied) will be marked as “LWF”. In other words, payment days would reduce and salary would be processed for only those days.

Hope this helps.