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Buying Furniture for different departments

Any suggestions on how should I go about the following scenario:

Purchase invoice received from Supplier as follows:

  1. Office Desk Exec 4x6 Qty= 6 @ 5000/- each. Total 30,000/-
  2. Office Desk Reg 3x5 Qty=2 @ 4000/- each. Total 8,000/-
  3. Office Chairs Exec Qty=24 @ 5000/- each. Total 120,000/-
  4. Office Chairs Reg Qty=8 @ 2500/- each. Total 20,000/-

Invoice total= 178,000/-

Office Desk/Chair Exec will be going to 4 different departments to 6 people. And Desk/Chair Reg will be going to 2 different departments to 2 people.

How should I create Dimensions and tag each desk and chair with an Asset number so we can track the asset? The supplier has given only ONE INVOICE.

I hope I have conveyed the problem statement properly.

Location field in the line item should be possible to use. After the assets are created, you can always relocated it to the correct dept.