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Built-in Website on a different subdomain?

Hi, we have a fresh ERPNext install on a subdomain (eg. using Domain-based multi tenancy with LetsEncrypt (using only only 1 domain & 1 bench).

We are wondering if it’s possible to set requests to the built-in Website area to be on a different subdomain (eg. (eg. so that customers do not see the erp.* subdomain?

To clarify: I’d like to have multiple “Websites” (each with it’s own domain and content) served from one “Site” with only one Desk.

I can find multitenancy guides on setting up multiple [Desks/Tenants/Databases] as well as guides on setting up multiple [SSL Certs/Domains] for a single Site.

But nothing for a single [Desk/Tenant/Database] with multiple [Websites].

Not possible I take it?

You can achieve what you want with a reverse proxy like HAProxy and the set-path option. See for example:

This should also be possible with nginx, maybe also the one used by frappe already…

Good luck!

Thanks very much for responding @doca, appreciated!

Hmm I think that gets me part way there, I’ll try to explain it better with a conceptual example.

Conceptually: shows frappe-bench/site1/index.html shows frappe-bench/site1/index2.html gives a 404

…with site1 being a single Desk/Database.

Does that help explain it better?