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Bug in Sales Taxes and Charges calculation


I’m creating a template of taxes and charges to reflect charges from selling on an e-commerce platform. I have 2 charges: one at 2.2% and another at 4%, I created 2 lines and chose the Type: On Net Total. Those charges are cumulated and are included in the Basic Rate.

When selecting the Sales Taxes and Charges Template, I got the 2 lines of charge appear but the amounts seems wrong to me: 2.2% of the Net Total and the 4% of the Net Total are wrong. I couldn’t find how those amounts are calculated. Please see the screenshot.

Can someone help to explain? Thanks

Select Edit on 3rd row and then select reference row for Tax calculation

Thanks. I meant the amount calculated for the 2.2% based on the Net Total is not correct. 2.2% of 230,508.47 is not 5,278.34… It’s also wrong for the 4%…

Could someone let me know if it’s a bug or there is a calculation method that I missed to understand?
It’s also confusing here the way it calculate the charges when setting base on the Net amount. In my case here the total is 244800, and I have 2 charges: one at 2.2% of the Net total and the other at 4% of the Net total. So if I understand the Net total = Total - taxes and charges. But here the charges are based on the Net total… So how it does the calculation?
244800 - (2.2% * 244800) - (4% * 244800) ?

In any case I couldn’t get the amounts the system gave me in the table…

Also is there anyway to add a new option let’s say Based on Grand Total instead of based on Net Total ?


Did you fix your issue? I have the same problem now.

No unfortunately. I had to create a template and a table to calculate and deduct charges on my own way.

Hey @Koy , It is fixed. I am new to this ERP and having same issue. Please help me to fix this tax calculation issue…

Hi @Neha_Agarwal, it is NOT fixed. What I did is just to create another template and table of charges to display e-commerce fees included in the sales order so the Accounting department would understand.