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Bug in Daily Timesheet Summary

The Daily Timesheet Summary doesnt seem to work.
I am using version
ERPNext: v13.9.2 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.9.1 (version-13)
Logged in as administrator

The stack trace in my console shows this
Uncaught TypeError: t is undefined
get_field_options_from_report report_utils.js:48
add_card_to_dashboard query_report.js:173
add_card_button_to_toolbar query_report.js:149
a page.js:576
jQuery 8
add_inner_button page.js:595
add_card_button_to_toolbar query_report.js:148
load_report query_report.js:143
promise callbackRollup</frappe.run_serially/< dom.js:265
run_serially dom.js:263
load_report query_report.js:136
load query_report.js:112
show query_report.js:29
promise callback
show query_report.js:29
Rollup</frappe.standard_pages[“query-report”]/< query_report.js:23
jQuery 7
change_to container.js:13
show factory.js:32
with_page breadcrumbs.js:169
show factory.js:17
with_doctype model.js:133
show factory.js:13
render_page router.js:211
render router.js:185
route router.js:106
set_route desk.js:109
startup desk.js:12
init sort_selector.js:191
start_app sort_selector.js:191
Rollup sort_selector.js:191