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BPM. Business Process Model


Hello Frappe Forum

Has anyone implemented any BPM into their ERP.

I am looking for a way to make a visual representation of the whole company business process.

It would be a printable a piece of paper to be read as a map.
That leads staff member though the process.
So that they always know what they have to do next within there role or job at hand.
As its a process we can then automate using the ERP workflows.
Really want to focus on productivity and make less paper work.

Please share your ideas and solutions.

Kind regards



Do you mean something like this?


So taking it that to the next level.

Looking at each role within the business and making a process of how it is done.
So very much like your Diagram and personalized towards the business is being implemented into.

Like a GUI for your workflows.
The purpose would be that each staff would know what to do next by just looking at the process map.

Until now I have use Activiti.

Kind regards


This is enterprisey. No never tried it.