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Testing Site URL: https://gh-imp-2021-00620.castlecraft.co.in

Pull Request URL: https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/13036
Pull Request Title: feat: Tab Break fieldtype
Pull Request Description:



username: jordan40@brennan.com
password: 0398e7611a

I tried out the feature (e.g. on doctype user). It looks nice and is very handy.
However when I want to customize an existing doctype and change e.g. a section break to a tab break, I can’t find this data type in the available options. Does it have a different name or am I missing something?

Is under the Signature Option.

I could not find the option as well in Field Type dropdown.
Would be helpful if the contributor can write a few lines on what the Contribution is about and steps to test.


I am not able to select signature. Also not very intuitive naming if the PR is called Tab Break. Maybe rename field?

Try to create a new field and select the fieldtype as Tab Break(last option in field type list).

Yep I too tried I didn’t get any difference in UI.
I’m Requesting the Author to give a detail descriptions.


Sorry. I guess I misunderstood your message? Signature is a different field type. Tab Break is not available for me.

created a new doctype as below

new doc

not working as expected.

It works if we add section break field just after tab break


please check my comment in github pull request.

Congratulation to this discussion members, its being merged , let us evaluate it to making it perfect, i found not working and created issue