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BOM variant calculating absurd quantities for "Materials Required (Exploded)". Weird!

I have created a BOM for a chemical that we require to have in two concentrations: 2000ppm and 4000ppm.

The template BOM looks like this:


I use the “Create” button to start a variant BOM and upon saving get this:


In the “Materials Required” section the sum of the quantities of the 4 items is 1.013650.

That number is then used as the percentage increase to the exploded quantities…

… or in other words: each exploded item quantity is the original quantity multiplied by the sum of all the original quantities. What?

Please, someone, help me understand :

  1. Is that a bug?
  2. Have I made a mistake?
  3. If it is correct, how does it make any sense at all?

erpnext 13.0.2
frappe 13.0.3