BoM Module and Inserting

Wanted to put a module for BoM for easier access and making it useful by allowing new quotations to insert BoM for easier listing of item lists, prices, and etc.

Hope someone could reply coz we urgently need this for our system. Thanks and God bless

@kelscey90, wellcome to ERPNext forum!

Just edit the in the config dir of your app, to enable a new module!

BOM’s already are enabled in Selling doctypes!

As you are in a hurry, I hope you understand exactly what I said!

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Thanks for the reply and I apologize for rushing as I was frustrated of what my boss requested for me to do. Is there anyway you could guide me on how to see this config dir? I can’t seem to find it. And I would like to ask if there’s anyway I could insert the BoM made and input it on a newly made quotation for easier listing? Thanks and God Bless!

I already found the config directory. Thank you!

Is there a way I could insert a BoM to the quotation for easier listing. It would help us a lot thank you very much!

This isn’t a very clear question. What do you mean insert a BOM to the Quotation? Can you give a description of your desired workflow?

Usually we do our BoM before we make our quotation. So we would like to just insert the BoM made to the quotation that we are making so that we don’t have to list the items manually, that is already listed on the BoM. It’s for easier process and less errors made. Thank you!

The Production Planning Tool can do that for you. Manufacturing-> Tools.

You can load in a Sales Order or BOM, and it will generate Material Requests and Production orders. The Material Requests can be used to generate Supplier Quotations and POs.

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Thank you for the very fast reply. Much appreciated!! Lastly is there anyway I could rename the Manufacturing module and move the modules according to our workflow? Thank you very much!

I have never tried to do that so I’m not sure…

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Ohh thanks anyway! Big help and much appreciated God Bless! :grinning: