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Best VPS for hosting ERPnext

Google Cloud is the way to go!

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Hi Guys,
What about ?
is it good?

I would say keep away from A2 hosting. Best I found is Vultr mainly because of 2 reasons

Daily backup available on scheduled time defined by you. Charges are extra for this. Digital Ocean does weekly backup.
Create multiple users on Vultr site for managing servers. Users can be given various rights. Digital Ocean charges for creating team members.

Funny, I thought it was just me that got tired of trying to get an A2 Hosted VPS server to work. I gave up after about 2 weeks and moved to InterServer for the same reasons that you chose Vultr.

The only thing I can say is when shopping for a VPS host, make sure you get the KVM type of VPS server because the other types do NOT have swapfile space and do not allow you to allocate it yourself either.

The KVM type of VPS server typically also will cost a little more than the standard linux server, but without swap space you will be fighting an uphill battle.

Also, consider the linux OS when you are trying to decide on a permanent production server. Some recent events have illuminated some short-comings of Ubuntu 16.04 and older. Please refer to this post for a more details, but it comes down to how much time you want to put into manually scheduled maintenance for the OS…

Ubuntu is great at some things, but needs improvement in how it handles it’s own updates.

Hope this is helpful to someone…


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does anybod know this?

any opinion on how it would work ?
Thanks i am a beginner.

I have been using Prometeus for close on 10 years.

I have never found anyone able to beat them on price or service quality.

Example 1- Mixed SSD/HDD [ €15 / month OR €150 / year ]

* CPU - 4 core, 2Ghz
* RAM - 4GB
* SSD - 100GB
* HDD - 1000GB

Example 2 - Apache CloudStack KVM/Xen VMs [ € 0.020 / Hr ]

* CPU - 4 core, 2Ghz
* RAM - 4GB
* HDD - 10GB

Extra storage €0.0001  / GB / hour

We will soon have an alternative that will change this view :wink:

Umm… that was cryptic. Care to elaborate?


Stay tuned!

Yesterday, and this morning, for the first time, I have encountered worrying problems with Prometeus.

But then they’re based in Milan !! and the problems were not with Prometeus per se, but with the network through Milan that gets me access to my servers.

If anyone has an idea why I’d be glad to hear it :wink:

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we use digital ocean and its great!

@bkm maybe you would be interested. FYI. I have no connection with Contabo. Just passing on the information

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Hi. Were you referring to Frappe Cloud? If yes, the rate of $25 per month is pretty confusing as it gives the user only One Hour per day to use. Any average company will have atleast 10 users who will be logged in the system for 8 hours every day. So my question is, what are we getting in $25?

It is a bit confusing. Here is my understanding:

  • $25/mo gets you 2 hours of CPU timed billed in 1 second increments per day.
  • Days with zero usage are not billed.

Use case: (ALL Times are totally wild guesses)

  • Light Day: Do regular business stuff like login (CPU=2 sec), update Project statuses (CPU=8 sec), run P&L (4 sec), enter 100 Payables (200 sec), answer 20 customer queries (50 sec) Total is probably less than 15 minutes for the whole day. 8 hours of human time, but only a few minutes of CPU time.

But running intensive reports, doing large imports, exports, or deletions, operating a web site with multiple visitors going to lots of pages and it starts to add up.

It doesn’t help that many of the reports are poorly coded and have many loops through the code that are not really needed. I have recently paid to have several of those reports cleaned up so they run faster for some of my clients.

When you start factoring some of that wasted CPU time into the billing equation it doesn’t necessarily look good for that kind of business model.


So you think a fixed monthly per user pricing plan will still be better, plus easier to measure and understand?

And btw, could you be kind enough to highlight those reports which you got improved and optimized? Perhaps the community could benefit from your experience.

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@cablemedia @bkm @MichaelPinkowski Maybe this will help.

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This is a superb explanation. You may have convinced me to drop self-hosting. :blush:

However, I have secondary doubts:

Self hosting is better if you have good technical know-how.
in my case, I have tried and succeed, but not in long run. You need to make additional effort to maintain those servers. Those are very painful area.

So I then turn in to google, AWS and so on with high price and low cores and low RAM.

Then I found a solution and it is working like a charm.

I am using some cheap VPS since 2 years now.

It is working perfect without any down time so far.

I highly recommend this and it is cheap also.


You can try frappe cloud
It is a brand new service by frappe and worth to tryout.