Bench update on VM

I’m on VM with both frappe and erpnext on version 7.15.
I did the usual bench update from the frappe-bench folder and I got this error.

‘Purchase Invoice’ object has no attribute ‘status’ (for exact log of error)

I am now unable to access my localhost… All I got is “Updating. We will be back in a few moments…”

Any advices on how to get back on track? Thanks in advance.

@rohit_w please answer.

Hi @f_deryckel,

can you please share complete error traceback

Hi @f_deryckel,

We have identified and fixed the issue. We’ll release it soon

Thanks, Rohit

That’s fantastic. Thanks
Because I’m on a VM I’m only able to give a screenshot of the error as the
one I have attached. I’m not sure how to use the mouse and copy-paste with

Thanks again.