Bench Update not working in Docker

Hi Everyone

I’m trying to update my local Containerized ERPNext instance branches using “Bench update”, but command not executing and also not throwing any errors to identify.

Screenshot attached below for your reference.

Please do let me know any other command should I use instead “Bench Update” in Docker ERPNext instance.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Bench update won’t work in production containers.
Containers are immutable, you’ve to replace them with new ones.

You’ve to change the VERSION environment variables and re-deploy the containers.
Then you’ll need to migrate sites

By screenshot you’re using development setup.

Pull the latest frappe/bench:latest docker image and then try rebuilding the devcontainers

Hi @revant_one

Thank you for quick response,

Could you please tell me in which file I need to change the Version, because I’m new this docker setup.

And I would like to explain my requirement :
My requirement is we are already using ERPNext V12 and customApp with some transaction, we would like to upgrade our ERPNext version from V12 to V13.

Check this entry if it helps

You will need to build your own docker images for your apps.