Bench update not working correctly, erpnext getting stuck in update mode

Hello All,
I downloaded the ERPNext-Dev virtual box and started off with the following:
Sudo apt-get update
Then went into the frappe folder and did git pull.
Finally I went into frappe-bench folder and did bench update.
After bench update, I get the following error:
Redis.exceptions.connectionerror: Error 111 connecting to localhost:11000. Connection refused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


seems like redis is not running, please try to restart the redis server

I tried but it says Starting redis-server: failed

I did get this same issue too. I tried a number of things but in the end it was easier to just download a newer copy which didnt seem to have this issue.

Thanks Julian,
What did you download exactly?

I downloaded a new copy and still the same issue.

Please try to run bench update --patch this is what solved my issued