Bench Update Error - Production V12.9.4

Just updated to v12.9.4 - getting the following error at the very end of bench update:

Done in 78.76s.
$ supervisorctl restart frappe:
error: <class 'PermissionError'>, [Errno 13] Permission denied: file: /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/supervisor/ line: 560

Have not changed anything in production environment - first time encountering any error. Remember reading something recently about change for sudo commands needing password… is this related? Sites seem to be up and running… did a manual supervisor restart all command.

Any thoughts?

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Resolved this by changing permissions for user frappe on supervisord.

In the /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf under add line chown… as shown below


I had the same error when doing bench restart and resolve with the same by changing chmod and chown.

But is this the correct way to resolve? Because the chmod and chown is set by bench when we do `bench setup supervisor’.
And why it causes this error then?

I use CentOS 8 and did sudo when pip3 install frappe-bench (I suspect this cause this?)

i have same issue
what u meen with first " frappe" and second one “frappe”
thanks :slight_smile: