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Bench export-fixtures includes custom field added by erpnext patches

I created a brand new custom app.

Added the following line in
Fixtures = [“Custom Field”]

Then run bench export-fixtures

I would expect nothing to be exported since I haven’t yet created any custom fields.

But I see a many fields being added to fixtures/custom_field.json
Ex: “Project-github_sync_id”, “Task-github_sync_id”, …

I understand those exists in my site database table ‘tabCustom Field’ because they were added by some erpnext patches.

Is there any issue that could arise from having those fields included in my custom app fixtures ?

If yes, how could I exclude those from the export and include only my own custom fields ?

I know there is a filters property, as used here:

But I understand this requires me to specify every one of my own custom fields explicitly.

I was looking for some way to say: include only custom fields from my own custom app.

Is that possible ?

I somehow thought custom fields were linked to a particular module or an app, but I can’t find any fields in the table ‘tabCustom Field’ that would make this link.

So I guess using filters to specify each one of my own custom fields is the way to go.