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Become a ERPNext Local Chapter Head


OK for me

I will let you propose the date & time


@cmrajan @lefebvre_bern Here’s the US/ Canada talk so far. Come hang out with us!


Anybody from the Philippines or Southeast Asia? Let’s form our chapter and help ERPNExt achieve greater heights!


@littlehera here’s to the Philippines chapter!


Hi @hdtmartin ! I’d love to help start something out. :slight_smile:
@JayRam , thanks for the tag!



Just saw this post in fact. Anyone came up from Pakistan?

FAROUSH as a small company started just 3 years back having few resources would be happy to take this up.

Kindly suggest in case of any possibility for Karachi, Pakistan.



Hi Faraz,

We’d love to have a chapter going in Karachi.

Please commit to do at least three events (Code Sprints, Developer Workshops or User Meets, etc.) in the year ahead and the Chapter Head title is yours. Please scroll up and see the complete details.

You need to be a Foundation member at the time of appointment. Check out for the membership details.




Hi JayRam,

Fair enough, I will plan accordingly and coordinate the same.



Hi Jay, I would like to start a Swiss chapter. Let me make a plan. Weekend work. :slight_smile: Thanks


We are a small company of two open source enthusiasts.
After being disappointend with Odoo license policy we started looking around for alternatives, and felt in love with ERPNext.
Anyone interested in Italian Chapter? We are eager to collaborate.


You’re it!! Hahaha! Works wonderfully with the .it handle as well. Please volunteer to start the Italian chapter. Please!!


Good day.
I have my own company Astel Group based in Cape Town South Africa.
I installed ERPNext on my own server. I am using it and loving it.

I will be taking the software to our national professional accounting bodies as a recommendation.

Myself as a qualified accountant and my business partner in coding moved from Odoo seeing the potential and ease of ERPNext.

Really want to head up the Chapter here in South Africa.
Please let me know the process.


If you respond to Jay with the answers from his first message in this thread it’s a start of your application process! :slight_smile:


Hi, Jay.
We are a non-profit organization (a multisectorial cooperative) with headquarters in the north of Portugal (Braga) that helps companies developing their IT integrated systems.
We are going to support between September and December a training action with the purpose to register ERPNext as licensed billing software in Portugal.
Because we are a strong supporter of open source and we believe that ERPNext can be an excellent means of boosting the productivity of Portuguese companies we wold like to propose ourselves as Local Chapter Head to the northern region of Portugal.
Thanks for your attention,
Manuel Moura


Got you! Will get back in a few days!


@littlehera Am I just in time for this call? About me: I currently organizing a team of developers. As a start-up, we are doing web developments, system developments as well as integrations. We tune our expertise on python and JS.

My main business is on hardware’s, doing on-premise server deployment and installing network infrastructure for local business in our country for 9-years now.


So are you two collaborating to get the Philippines Chapter off the ground?



Happy to consider you as the Chapter Head for Cape Town. Can you begin the process of becoming an ERPNext Foundation member?




Hi Faraz,

Are you ready to head the ERPNext Chapter for Karachi?

If you are please initiate becoming an ERPNext Foundation member. If you need more time to become a Foundation member, but are ready to head the Chapter, please let me know.




Hi Manuel,

We are delighted to consider you as the Chapter Head for Portugal. Would you be able to initiate the process of becoming an ERPNext Foundation member? Details at

If you need more time to become a Foundation member, please let me know.