Bank Reconciliation tool not finding transactions

I’m trying again to make the Bank Reconciliation to work because I was never able to make it work.

I can import my bank statement and get the list of transactions. Everything is fine there.

But for an unknown reason, the matching transactions are not found in the bank reconciliation tool even if they are present.

Let says I have a deposit in the bank account of 400$. The payment entry is made and applied to the open invoice.

When I click on Action, Match against voucher, it won’t find anything from this value or this customer.

But if I search the bank transaction manually in Bank Transactions list with its number and I set the payment entry number, it will reconcile and change the status to Reconcile.

I tried to empty the tabBank Transaction table to start from scratch, but same issue.

I’m not sure how can I help to fix the issue. The bank reconciliation tool would be so much helpful!

Hi, any ideas? I’m willing to pay to make this work properly!

I am having the same problem.
Exported all of my payments and then re-imported them as a bank statement.
So even with matching dates, amounts and reference numbers no match is found.

I tried to contact erpnext paid support and got no reply twice. I’m not sure where we can get some help…

can you share the reproducible steps? i.e which transactions created before the reconciliation, how to do the reconciliation step by step. if it can be reproduced, then there is chance others can help you.


I just want to hire someone from frappe to take a look at what is wrong and why but I get no reply from them…