Bank Reconciliation Statement - Opening not updating


As mentioned above, "Bank reconciliation statement not updating.

As on 31.03.2019 the closing balance i can see ( Screenshot attached below)

After i checked the opening balance of 01.04.2019, i did not get any opening values ( Screenshot below for ref )


I don have any idea why this happened?

Any help regarding this, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve also noticed the same behaviour .

The report is not including the opening balance carried over from the prior year.

Do you know if anything was since done to resolve this behaviour?

Not yet resolved. :slightly_frowning_face:

@sethu - have you raised this as an issue on github?

No. I din’t.

@sethu - I’ve raised the issue on github-

@sethu - No one has yet looked at this issue on github. Do you have a rough estimate on when I should at least expect a response?

How have your clients manged to function?