Bank Account not getting linked to company



I am facing this error .I am not able to understand this .Please can anyone provide me with some input so that I can proceed…I am creating a company then when it comes to "default bank account " I cant add anything…

I did add company details like adding all expenses and recev

Go to Chart of account and create bank account and configure it in company form.

Are you facing doing above steps?

This is how I have linked it to chart of accounts

khushal_t …thanks for replying …kindly check I have linked it to chart of accounts …is it wrong ?

In the company form when I try to write default bank account TEST2BANK …Its not getting added

Kindly have a look…its blank again

And now when I create a new bank account it throws an error of missing company

I deleted everything and did the same process again …and it worked …Why does it behave so arbitrarily…I dont understand it ?

If you are donig it on local machine sometime company issue arises on creation of cost centre too . some attributes not load properly in v12 version .

please confirm me if the process that I was following was correct or not…
1)Start creating a company …
2) fill in all the details of the company then save the doc .
3)then go to chart of account …click bank account and create an account by clicking add child account. then default bank account field on the company doc will be automatically filled

it costs us lot of time
Thanks for your valuable time and input

Now bank account has got added but now I am not able to add any detail to the field “Expenses Included in Asset Valuation”

As of now, you can move ahead by setting value for company explicitly on the browser console :wink:

cur_frm.set_value('company', 'ERPNext')

thanks will try this too

I was trying the same transaction again .Please let me know if the value filled in the fields "Create Charts of Accounts Based On " and "Charts Of Accounts Template " is correct ?

I am creating a new company (its not a child company,“is group” option given on the company master is checked)
so Create Charts of Accounts Based On = Standard Template (standard Template because its a New parent company …have a chosen correctly ?)

and then Charts Of Accounts Template = India-Charts Of Account