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Badges/Level system for users



I found my employees got bored. So I want my ERPNext and my business a fun place to play… as you work, to make ERPNext more like a game. I want to have a feature in which I can create Badges (or Level) with custom icons (like fontawesome, or image icons) and these badges/level will be given to my users based on their activities, doctype and system event (like the Email Alert feature).

Does anyone have the same idea on mind? Let’s discuss and contribute your ideas.


@Shan_Ruan You mean something like gamified system? Not sure, but sound like out of the scope of ERPNext. Try to post a job with detailed specification.


If this website ( was built on frappe (which I think it was), then I guess it may be possible. :slight_smile: has badges which are awarded everytime you hit an accomplishment. And since Erpnext was built on frappe, then maybe with a bit of tinkering and exploration it can be done.


@littlehera, this website is build on open source discussion platform


Welp. At least now I know. hahahaha.
Thanks, @makarand_b! :slight_smile:


This is one killer usage generation and when integrated with KRA’s and appraisal mechanisms can become a good selling point. Anybody working on it? Can we adapt mechanisms of discourse?