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Backup! Backup! and Backup!


Dear All,Until Version11.1.35 i could easily use Dropbox by creating the access token in the Dropbox setting.Since dropbox customization is gone from the Dropbox settings,it has been a nightmare getting backup from latest versions.I have read almost all information about Dropbox in the forum and i have not been able to see any valid solutions.
Dear friends kindly give a pointer to how to use dropbox to take back.
This is the error message i have whenever i click ALLOW DROPBOX ACCESS:
“Error (400)
It seems the app you were using submitted a bad request. If you would like to report this error to the app’s developer, include the information below:
Invalid redirect_uri. When response_type=code, only localhost URIs can start with “http://”; all others must start with “https://”.”


Basically the token field was disabled and the ability to customise the doctype and re-enable the field has been disabled as well. Without the token, you cannot authenticate your dropbox access and use for backup. I raised an issue about it some time ago here:

and got no response.


Any clue will be appreciated @wale, @nabinhait, @tundebabzy, @johnskywalker