Automatic UI and integration tests to improve code quality and the reliability of ERPNext

I understand that there are a lot of challenges that come with updating ERPNext as things break. UI and integration tests could be automatically run and save us from a lot of these problems. Do we have a concept as a community for unit testing and continuous integration or even continuous delivery.


Feel free to add your examples as well.

To submit changes to erpnext, frappe have already specified their requirements:

As part of the merge process in github, all tests are run to ensure in theory things don’t break - so this is already taking place. The problem is that contributors are not necessarily actually putting these in. For example the currency fix above, even the new fix does not include any tests (a) to highlight the bug originally (b) to fix it.

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I talked to our team. They are after UI tests and Integration tests not so much after unit tests. Sorry. Edited my question above.

Does a concept for UI and integration tests exist as well. I know, that @netchampfaris tackled this earlier. But I have no idea what the status is.

These offer some general background -

Help with Writing Tests - Foundation and community invite to help with 'do nothing' pass tests

Should the testing framework be re-designed?

Thanks for pointing me to these resources, @clarkej. Actually this is what I was searching for:

Unfortunately I fear, that this did not really take off yet. It would be super cool to get an update from @netchampfaris on this.