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Automatic Template needs updating



Hope this is the right place to Post, thought of adding as BUG, but then decided it’s probably not a bug, so I will request.

I’m in South Africa - might be the first S.A. installer, cannot find anyone else here, but I have a life long experience with ERP systems, SAP, Syspro, etc, and I am testing and LOVING this.

A - Running Production version from Master branch (Bench and ERPNext)
If in the initial setup Wizard I pick “South Africa” (as opposed to India or USA) then the setup hangs when clicking Next at step 5. (i.e. step 6 never shows up) and I can’t find anything in any log to report here. IF I reset the page, the wizard starts at step 1 again. Evil circle.

I have seen previous queries about this with the usual advice “pls do bench update” etc. Doesn’t solve it, and I don’t see any solutions. I feel it’s a bug in the initiation script probably. I found a workaround by creating a USA company, and then once logged in, a new company from SA, then removing the USA company, but the de-linking from the front page and mailers etc is such a chore. Would be nice if the Wizard setup worked.

B - The South African VAT is at 15% since March last year already, not 14% as is still the default loaded for a SA company. Kindly update this for Master branch.

Lastly congrats on getting the default S.A. decimal separator correct as “.” (Period), even Microsoft still fails at that. Great work people. I’m going to source many cloud clients. :slight_smile: