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Automated SMS Notifications



I have done email notification, but also want SMS notifications.
The current SMS feature in ERPNext is complete manual. A module similar to ‘Email Alerts’ is required to be developed. I am writing this as a proposal for future updates in ERPNext.
If anybody has done this before, then please let me know.



would love to see this feature as well…


Plz tell me if you have developed the SMS module for automatic notifications ?
I am interested in it


Check if the issue is already there on GitHub, if not, add it, if its there, start a bounty and add a +1


Any updates @mayurchoudhari ?


Any News on this?

Can We start a Sponsored post for this? and estimated cost?


Maybe adding a generic notification channel (as a call to a REST API) in the Notification doctype could cater for all use cases?
Currently we have Email and Slack as channels, and they are hardcoded


I also think it’s very important to add SMS as an option in the Notification DocType… even if it’s hard-coded at first. This is something users have been interested in for quite some time

Kind regards,