Automated SMS Notifications


I have done email notification, but also want SMS notifications.
The current SMS feature in ERPNext is complete manual. A module similar to ‘Email Alerts’ is required to be developed. I am writing this as a proposal for future updates in ERPNext.
If anybody has done this before, then please let me know.



would love to see this feature as well…

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Plz tell me if you have developed the SMS module for automatic notifications ?
I am interested in it

Check if the issue is already there on GitHub, if not, add it, if its there, start a bounty and add a +1

Any updates @mayurchoudhari ?

Any News on this?

Can We start a Sponsored post for this? and estimated cost?

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Maybe adding a generic notification channel (as a call to a REST API) in the Notification doctype could cater for all use cases?
Currently we have Email and Slack as channels, and they are hardcoded


I also think it’s very important to add SMS as an option in the Notification DocType… even if it’s hard-coded at first. This is something users have been interested in for quite some time

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I see the SMS channel in V13.

But still unable to send notifications via that.