Auto Skipping various redundant Steps for simplification

Hello, I have recently started with erp cloud,
We are a small scall made to order food service provider, we have been implementing erpnext gradually to our business. However, I feel that there are various step (as per the flow chart on erpnext docs) that is making simple things complicated for my business.

I would list the exact required steps, other than which, are being held redundant by our management:


  1. POS should create a sales order regardless of quantity available in stock,
  2. That Sales order should do only two things, first give an exploded BOM in pdf -AND- Create a Pick List with 2 segments - ONE with all the items available in the stock, with the quantiy and value to be picked up from a warehouse, TWO list of all unavailable items with expected value.


  1. Stocking up should unrestricted, without any defaults required. So that new stocks can be entered into the inventory that is already bought, that makes purchse order or invoice or reciept and payement entry into one single page called “Purchases”. The add Button on the Stock Summary seems to perform a similar function. This fills up the stock and updates the pricing.


  1. When all the items are available for tarting manufacturing, there are various steps, that have plethora of fields, that again makes it extremely confusing for a moderetly trained and educated person, to perform simple repeatetive tasks. once the material is available, The manufacturing section should have buttons, to just “START WORK” in work stations. The lengthy flow of multple material requests, then work order, then job card. should be skipable. Two more buttons should be facing the user after START WORK such as “SEND FOR DELIVERY” and “STOCK IT UP”

All other steps in between has just decreased the ease of use for use.

Suggest measures to for the above situation. Automations, removing restrictions, simplfying the logical process flow, or just disabling modules and features could help a lot.

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