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Auto share with


Because of security so we use option like

share with

for example i need when a user make a new LEAD

this lead is automatically Shared With Aspecific person

how can i achive the automatic sharewith without let the user to press share with and choose from the list ?


You will need to write a server / client script to achieve the auto share functionality. On documents validate method you can share the document with a specific user.

To share the document you can use the add method.

server script

from frappe.share import add
add(doc.doctype,, user, read, write, share, everyone)

client script{
	method: "",
	args: {
		doctype: "Lead",
		name: "Lead-00001",
		user: "user name"
		read: 1,
		write: 1,
		share: 0,
		everyone: 0
	callback(r) {
		if(r.message) {
			// document is shared with user


Can I make this script as Custom Script!